March 3, 2009

Letter to Brittany.....

Remembering  the good ole' days... 

Sharing a room with you and my brother. Fighting all the time. Playing dress up in our costumes. 

You chipping your tooth on the porch when we were in the playhouse. 

You were my biggest fan. Anything that I needed to use or wanted to look at, you would let me. 

We had a bond that most sister's keep forever. 

But somewhere we got lost and you replaced me.  

I wanted to be like you. Humble, talented, skinny, daddy's favorite girl. He was so proud to be your dad. 

Now I wait by the phone for your to call or text. I left you a note to let you know that nothing has changed on my end and I am here if you need me, but I haven't  heard anything for years now.

Not having you there is the saddest relationship I have lost to date. We were each other's back-up. No matter what we would stick together when we got in trouble. 

I don't know what happen to you.. but I miss it. 

If you find her please tell her I said that.