June 4, 2014


One word that sums up the behavior that has been displayed from me over the past few years in terms of this blog.

I teach classes on social media and marketing and tell small businesses/non-profits that blogging and doing things to update it is beneficial, but I, in no way shape or form have been practicing what I preach. 

The truth is... I update this thing once the guilt of not updating it has taken over. And it seems like that is every six-eight months. 

In August, Social Media Mack will have started 5 years ago, which is a huge accomplishment for any business. 

Truth is, there is a nostalgia tied to that anniversary.. a "where do I go from here" question lingering. 

I don't have the slightest clue. But one thing I do know is... It's time to retire this blog. 6 years and countless post later its over and done with. 

This will be the last post on the O list blog... Just feels like its time to move on. 

Maybe we will create another in the future, but for now... my writing is being laid to rest. 

Thanks for reading my silliness, triumph and struggles. 

Your feedback and support has meant more than you know! 

- Not goodbye, just see you later, 

Tess Mack 
Social Media Mack

January 29, 2014


This is a special year for Social Media Mack for two reasons.. 

SMM is having a big birthday in August.... we will be a whole hand old!  (5)  I literally have to pinch myself everyday to make sure this is real life and that I actually made this happen.... I started with 2 folder from the Dollar General and a stick pen. 

It has been a bumpy ride but I've kept my seat belt on the entire time. And then *BAM*... your baby turns 5 before you know it. 

That's not the only milestone birthday going on this year. 

I will be turning 30. 
(which I am not sure how I feel about) 

I am constantly reflecting on the past 30 years of my life and how things have turned out. It's been a life of hard work, love, compassion and care. They say 30 is the new 20.. but I am not buying that. 

I am going to embrace this new decade of life and do what I want to do.. which is volunteer, sleep on the couch more than I sleep in my bed, go to the movies alone and read my little heart out! 

All of which make me happy to be me! 

The photos on this post were a "Hey, I have not had any great photos done in around 4 years... its time to change that. My Birthday is coming up ya know?" 

And with that, a good friend of mine Martin Ramirez was happy to snap some photos of me on the Scissortail Bridge in Oklahoma City. 

40 degrees with wind making my hair a mess, this is what we came up with! 

Cheers to Big Birthday's!



November 21, 2013

The CEO Quiz

Name: Tess Mack
Age: 29
Nickname: T-Mack

One thing that makes me cringe about myself: It takes me forever sometimes to get out of the house when I am not on a schedule to be somewhere. 

If I could change lives with one CEO it would be:
A. Bill Gates
B. Jimmy Buffett
C. Marc Jacobs 
D. Andy Warhol
E. Other: ___________

If you looked in my purse you would be surprised to find: A 500 tablet bottle of Ibuprofen, Eye glasses screwdriver, tons of business cards.

The part I love most about being CEO is:
A: Flexible Schedule
B: Traveling
C: Having a beer anytime of day
D: All of the above 

I am secretly afraid of: Finding my equal and someone who will actually put up with my B.S. 

I am totally addicted to: Pellegrino Sparking Water

You know you are successful when: You walk down the street and people recognize you

If I was not the CEO of Social Media Mack I would be: A Professor 

November 20, 2013

Back Friday Promo 2013

May 7, 2012

Long Time, No See

It has been a while since this blog has been updated. I know what you are thinking... Why has it been so long? Well... things have been changing in all aspects of life so keeping up with the script we call life is busy enough... let alone having to write about it.

Here are the highlights:

Social Media Bootcamp is being offered in 12 cities in 2012.
Hosting 2-4 Constant Contact Seminars a month.
Social Media has been changing faster than anyone can keep up with!!

There it is in a nutshell folks. Busy is an understatement. Never again will we have a blogging hiatus like the previous.

Hold us to it!

February 20, 2012

No Where to Go

Notes from our CEO:

Have you ever wondered how the Queen of Social Media manages to keep her personal life private?

Well.. of course it is only as private as I keep it, there are things I will share here and there RE: family, dating etc. But I can definitely say I am NOT an open book.

There is a fine line a Social Media Maven such as myself must adhere to. People are watching your every move.. waiting for you to do something that will be gossip worthy enough for the next networking meeting.

Your photos, videos and content must stay presentable. Every time something is posted that is below standard... you begin to lose creditability.

Granite, we are not at work 100% of everyday.. seems a bit unfair to hold a person to that standard ALL the time.

That's the beauty of Social Media.. It never stops. Even when we are asleep.. It keeps going!

I am a real person with flaws, feelings and personality..... Most of it does not make it to my social networks.

- TM

January 29, 2012

Let's Get Movin' OKC!

2012 is off to a great start!!!! More things are going on than I can describe.. all pointing in the right direction!!

Already scheduled to talk 12+ times about Social Media/Email Marketing. I dig speaking... but often times get bored with just explaining why businesses should utilize:


Yes, there are a ton more social networks out there but I am ready for Oklahoma to get into the new stuff... when its still ACTUALLY new....

I am talking Google + at least! A cool new way to interact on a personal and professional level.

I am also looking into how businesses can use Pinterest to promote their business and products!!!

We will get there slowly but surly.. Just taking more time than I want!

Follow me on Google + (Social Media Mack) and Pinterest (TessMackOKC)


January 15, 2012

Getting Creative with my food!

The photo says it all...

December 27, 2011

2011 Recap

What a year!!!!

Social Media Mack was super blessed this year reaching milestones and making business better for everyone!

Here is a recap of some of the things that happen:

CEO, Tess Mack named "40 under 40" class of 2011 by Oklahoma Magazine

Social Media Mack celebrated its 2 year anniversary at the Colcord Hotel

  • Social Media Mack became a certified Minority Owned Business in the state of Oklahoma
  • Celebrated a one year anniversary with 2 different clients
  • Social Media Mack became a certified partner with Constant Contact Nationwide Email Marketing
  • Launched "Social Media Bootcamp" a organizational social media training that has been adopted by several organization/chambers in the state of Oklahoma.

Sure there are some other things, but these are the good parts. We hope everyone has a fantastic 2012!

We are striving to do more than ever!

December 14, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

Notes from Tess:

Most of the blogs posted here are structured.

This occasion is different.

There is not one reason why I would want to sugar coat anything that happen last night at the Sharon L Vanover Memorial Dinner held at the Yellowrose Theater.

The spirit of Christmas is BIGGER than any one person on this earth. The employees/volunteers focused on who Christmas is REALLY about...

Walk in the door and hear: "Good Evening, Welcome to the Yellowrose Theater. We are glad you are here." Said to every guest... every time the door opened.

Got settled as a volunteer and started scooping cranberry sauce for the 140 plates that were being made for underprivileged kids and their families.

Time to open the doors and seat tables. Each family takes a picture with Santa Clause and every table is sat by a hostess that carries the guests bags and coats to their seats.

Every table has a waitress that takes the orders for drinks and gets everything the guests ask for.. knowing they are not gonna get a tip or get paid.. they will get a "Thank You" at best.

Back in the kitchen, everyone knows their role. Like this was the 1,000th time they had all done this.

The plates are being assembled by cooks, expo hands out plates, bussers clean tables and the dishwasher is washing and putting things away.

I find out later that the exop, dishwasher and most wait staff are all in the show. They take off their aprons, wash their hands and get on stage as if they were preforming in a play on Broadway.

The show starts and the whole room is filled with laughter and tears. All in disbelief that someone would do all this for them and ask for nothing in return.

Intermission begins and more plates flood the kitchen, all needing to be cleaned.

Myself and an older woman clean all the plates and put them away...With a smile.

The show comes to a close and every child in the place gets 3+ presents. Announcements are being read but the joy and giggling is too loud for anyone to hear anything.

Not one time did I ever hear anyone have a bad attitude, whine or gripe about anything. Volunteers did what needed to be done. No matter where the need, there was no person that was "too good" to do anything!

I can hear one child in the background talking to the pastor dressed as Santa: "My mom told me Santa was not going to make it to our house this year but I am glad to know she was wrong."

Sharon L Vanover is beaming from heaven. Her family did her proud... and made more than one person's Christmas.

This dinner will become a volunteer tradition for me every year!