January 18, 2009

Week beginning

This weekend was fantastic!  

Time to relax, sleep, and be with my girls! 

It was super calming to remember what it is like to sleep in and not be super busy. Remembering that I do have a life other than working, eating and texting

The day that I move to California moves closer and closer. It is completely official. Am I scared? Of course.... 

Will I miss my friends, mentor and crazy family? Yes. 

It seems weird,  but I feel this is the beginning of my big girl life. A time to be alone and away from comfort. To see what this big bad world is all about. 

I grin from ear to ear thinking about the possibilities of what is to come in life. 

How much I have grown. Jumped over mountains .. crossed the 1/2 way mark. 

There is some truth that lies in the statement: If you want to change... you will. 

The comfort of not giving someone else the responsibility for my happiness, or letting a single person, thing, relationship dictate how I feel. 

I went from pimply teen, who cries because no one loves her or understands her. Cuts herself on occasion, and writes poems that would make dead people roll over in their graves. 

To.... optimist! opportunist! thinking of how intricate life is and not taking one single Milli second for granite. Embracing her color, body and intelligence

World... I hope you're ready ..... 


Steph said...

Sounds like a great change to make!!

Wishing you the best in your move!! Hope it goes great for you!

I want to move there too!! Just to get away from this snow!!! Brrrrr!!!!