October 6, 2008

Time is on my side

Twenty- four hours in the day never seem like enough. Working 8, and ideally sleeping 8, leaves just 8 hours for me to eat, talk on the phone, go to the bathroom, watch TV, Work Out or go on a date.

Most people I know seem to have no concept of time. I don't know the underlining reason for that, the only thing that seems logical is: A) they don't have their crap together or B) they are inconsiderate.

Growing up I was taught to be early, no matter what. Make a conscience effort to be there and be courteous to whomever you are meeting with because essential they will be waiting for you, and you don't want that.

Presently, that frame of mind has stuck with me, and I am early I would say 98% of the time I go somewhere. No matter if it is friends haning out, an interview, or work.

This weekend I had a really big event that I need to be there promptly at 1pm. My friends said they wanted to join me and with that we made a plan to meet up at noon to be in Norman by 1pm.

I arrived at the meeting place at 11:50 am and one of the other girls was ready and waiting for me. (maybe because I called her and the other girl we were meeting with 2 times that morning to make sure they were on track.)

12 pm came... then 12:10 and finally I called to see where the other girl was at 12:14 and "she said it was going to be another 5 minutes." Needless to say I was livid by this point, because I knew we were going to be late.

We get all the way to Norman at 12:50 and miss the exit!!! Have to turn around which added more time to the trip.

When we get there, They dropped me off at the door and go park the car. I call to let them know that it will be $5 for admission.

They decide they didn't want to pay and instead went to hang out in Norman somewhere, while I am already late to my event!!

I was mad and ... well just mad! The question is.. do I have a right to be? What do I say to them now? They need to know that was not cool and it was hurtful for them to just blow me off and go somewhere else when they agreed to come.

I did say something to both of them and tried to be as nice as I could. Is that enough?

I know now to just have people meet me there and go anywhere that is a timed event by myself.


Anonymous said...

That is SOOOOOOO NOT COOL!!! Were they there to pick you up? I would be so angry!

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way you are and friends have done this to me numerous times. You have every right to be mad and unfortunately if being on time is extremely important it's better to just go alone.

Enrique said...

I'll say this...I sometimes run a couple of minutes late to meet up with friends BUT NEVER when it's a scheduled event where tickets are involved or it's someone else's plans and I'm just going along. If I'm meeting a friend for dinner or coffee, sometimes a 5-10 late and I don't think it's a huge deal. It's not cool but I'm not gonna kill myself over getting there on time for stuff like that. BUT if tickets are involved or it's not my itinerary, you better believe I'ma be early no matter what because that affects other people.

It was TOTALLY NOT COOL of your friends to have ditched you like that over five freakin' dollars. Not cool at all!!! If you knew about the $5 admission, you maybe should have mentioned that beforehand BUT that doesn't excuse their behavior. That was just not cool of them!

Missy said...

It definately was not all right for your friends to do that. I would let them know that what they did bothers me otherwise you will just keep thinking about it and it will get worse and worse, besides if they are real friends they will know that something is bothering you.