October 7, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

Dolly Parton hit the nail on the head with that hit song she came out with in the 70's or 80's ..?? what ever era it was. But it seems that the words to that song no longer apply to working people in the United States.

The economy... yea its no bueno right now. ( we are not going to get into that) but long story short, there is not enough money to satisfy the needs for the working class and it is just getting worse.

With that said, I too am part of that group that just cant make enough money to support myself. No credit card debt or crazy shopping addictions haunt me. Just not making enough money to live comfortably and pay $3+ a gallon for gas. ( working on getting one of those hybrids!!)

So I have taken on a second job, which starts an hour after my 8 to 4:30. Long hours, drama from high school teens, and lots of unwanted cussing fill up my evening.

College was my ticket into the professional world. Promises of more money , prestigious job titles and great vacation/benefit plans are things all recent grads could hope for straight out of school.

It didn't turn out that way, and now the reality is doubling up on the work load.

I don't get how single parents do this kind of stuff.......


Catherine said...

This really is a good blog! Very real and down to earth! I'm sorry you are having to get a second job. I know you will be tired. Hang in there though because times like this don't last forever!
I love you!

Enrique said...

I've been considering having to get a second job lately, as well. I found out recently that my insurance benefits are going to be cut back after Decemeber and I'm going to be out-of-pocket like $300+ a month beginning January 2009. EEK!!

Anonymous said...

It's never been very easy. Single or married. It's very difficult financially. I hope everyone can come out of this slump we're living in today. Your exactly right when you talk about going to college to have the finer things in life. I didn't go to college, no college debt. The only debt I live with is my house and my car. I'm very very thankful I didnt' get into all that credit card debt, or I'd totally be in trouble!

Have a great day, keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

This is tough because sometimes we are dealing with circumstances that have been dealt to us and sometimes we are simply dealing with circumstances we have created. I believe America is in financial crises because we have forgotten self-control. We spend more on what we want or what society SAYS we need than on what we ACTUALLY need. We may not choose the gasoline prices or cost of groceries, but we do choose how expensive a car we drive and how expensive a home we live in. We choose whether we go "out" each week or stay home. If our lifestyle requires a second job, we should be thankful there is one available. Restraint is hard and self-discipline is difficult to master for all of us. Just expect, if you "live it up" you will have to "pay up"!