October 9, 2008

Steak with a side of Drama...

Have you ever heard the saying: "Don't start no s***, won't be no s*** ??

Well that apparently is not the case in this situation we call life.
A person's money is the easiest way to piss them off. Especially when they don't have any extra money to spare.

I am a victim of "taking my money without permission."

I had a long and hard conversation with a foreigner from my old finance company this morning that resulted in her hanging up on me. I called her supervisor back to let him know the situation, and he informed me that I was to go through him for any additional needs I might have. He said there was just too much drama between us.

How do people have the right to talk to you any kinda way when you give them thousands of your hard earned dollars?

Customer service has really taken a nose dive this day and age. ( I am not even that old and I am saying that)

The best customer services Award goes to: (drumroll please)
Chick-fil-A ... trust me I go there like 3 times a week :)

Service with a smile is an understatement. They make it a point to say "Please" and in stead of "Thank you" they say "My pleasure" ( which I love BTW). Prompt service and very attentive. Way to Go!

Bills are inevitable, But taking my extra money without asking is outta the question!


Evie said...

Hey, thanks for commenting! I like reading your blog too, and I definitely enjoy the humor. I actually majored in business rather than writing, but I took writing classes in undergrad and I really enjoyed them. I have always loved writing. I added the follow application and am now also following your blog. Good stuff!

Enrique said...

funny stuff with the chic-fil-a award :) i would like to also award eden salon & spa a great customer service award :) they're pretty kick ass there.

Mack Momma said...

its a tie for first place then!

Anonymous said...

Mishandled money matters do get us sideways, don't they?!
You are right about customer hardly exists anymore. Once I was at the check out of a grocery store and the clerk was taking a personal call on her cell phone while ringing up my purchases. She wasn't even looking at me when she went to hand me my change so I moved my hand and change rolled everywhere!

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh when I need it sometimes. Your blog makes me think about things that I never thought about before, very insightful.