October 8, 2008

Since its been gone....

The feeling of wanting to vomit can be easily achieved while doing physical activity, drinking way too much, or loosing something?

I found myself feeling nauseous the other day looking frantically for my ... you guessed it. IPOD.

Retracing my steps, and going over and over in my mind the chain of events that happened right before I realized it was missing consumed my evening.

Coming to the realization that it was gone was not the hard part. The reality was: I will just have to buy a new one.

But that sick feeling you get when you find out something went wrong with things that are very important to you; I could not make go away. My brain then started to think about who would find it, them erasing all my music and make it there own.

That violation feeling is nothing new to me. I got most of my belongings stolen from me 2 days after I moved into my current residence.

Items included:
Coach Purse
D&G sunglasses
Bank Cards, SSN card, Checks

The police are never a big help in situations such as these and just inform you that they will "do their best." Which translates to: "Good luck starting your life over."

The lesson learned from all this is: A) lock up your life in a safe! j/k B) Don't get so hung up on material things.. because they are replaceable and can be taken away at any moment. C) be grateful for the things you do have.

Guess its back to AM/FM for now. :/

( OK, don't feel sorry for me... my car has XM radio)


Anonymous said...

You are too funny! We do get REALLY attached to things though don't we? I feel for you on having everything stolen though. I would be on edge for months after!

Anonymous said...

I checked out your blog and I totally like it. I like your insights and writing style, and especially when you end with a parting zinger (like, Don't feel sorry for me, I have XM radio.) That made me laugh.

Keep Writing,