October 10, 2008

Vacation for one...

The end of 2008 is fastly approaching and everyone needs a little R&R a few times a year.

While growing up, we would take various trips, which usually involved my sister and I cheering or dancing in a competition.

The farthest trip I had taken until I was 18 was to San Diego, California (with my mom). My family never did vacations or family reunions.

Since then I have traveled quite a bit, and have made it to places such as Cancun (craziest week of my life), Vegas (got Engaged :O) Myrtle Beach, and Daytona Beach.

This past March, a much needed break was taken at one of my favorite places in the United States... Dallas!

The twist to that story is, I went alone. Drove by myself, had a hotel room just for me, and went to the Lifehouse concert at The House of Blues.

Loaner is no where near any part of my personality. But when travel is involved, I don't mind being by myself.

Is that weird? Would you travel by yourself?

I plan to go to Dallas again in December, just me myself and I.

It will be a nice break.

Don't worry ... I carry my pepper spray with me at all times :)


Enrique said...

i applaud you in your solo excursions, my friend :)

i, too, love to venture out alone. the difference is that i totally am a loner...or am i just selfish? ;)

i have done quite a few vacations by myself. i've done phoenix for a jewel concert (that was my first time flying by the way and i did it totally by myself), denver for a tracy chapman concert, norfolk va for a tori amos concert, and have spent a couple of years in a quiet cabin with just my little dog in eureka springs ar. i'm a big fan of doing vacations alone. BUT, please do be careful. it's dangerous doing something like that alone, and not just because you're female. when i was in denver, i remember walking to the tracy chapman concert but then i got lost walking back to my bed and breakfast and ended up walking in circles around the capital in denver where all the bums were hanging out. yeah, i'm lucky i didn't get mugged or worse because, well, i'm pretty lol, and i had bums yelling shit at me.

so, i say, go and have fun in dallas, but please be very aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your intuition.

Anonymous said...

Traveling alone has many benefits! You can stop when you want, stay where you want, see what you want and come home when you want. I'm assuming you will be with friends once you are there? You also gain confidence at accomplishing a trip all on your own. WOMEN POWER!!! ;-)