October 23, 2008

Sleep to Dream...

There goes life.

Flying by...

There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Work is consuming me right about now. Trying to have a life is a very seeming tasks right now.

I had a terrible dream last night. It entailed my parents being rude to me. ( nothing new). It was the night of my birthday party and I was asking them to help me out with something and they were really pissed off about it. My mother told me that I needed to find somewhere else to live.

I got so mad I threw something at them and told them to go to hell. ( an incredible amount of fear came over me in my dreams) I was crying and cursing them out.

I literally wanted to cry for real, and then I woke myself up.!! Scared me so bad!!

Is it true that dreams are a depiction of what is going to happen in real life? I hope not. I cant afford just yet to live on my own.

The big party is in 3 days and I plan on having a blast . Got to get my nails and hair done.

Need some money first tho. Anyone got a Suga Daddy I can hit up?


Enrique said...

I know a Suga Mama that could hook you up if you're "nice" to her...totally kidding ha ha.

As far as the dreams go, it's my personal opinion that dreams aren't necessarily a glance into the future, but rather our minds expressing our present situations. Be it fear, love, envy, hate, stress, whatever emotion is our current strongest one-I think is expressed in our dreams when we're shut down and don't have the ability to control our thought process. So, what you dreamt last night may very well just be your mind's way of expressing its current situation.

Take care, girl.

Oh, and yes I am in bed reading your blog from my BlackBerry ha ha. I told you that's my routine :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the dude above. I think dreams are a way of showing your true emotions with a certain situation. When your awake you wouldn't dare something like that. You have no mind control when your sleeping. You'll have a blast at your birthday party, and everyone will have fun. Don't think about the sad or upsetting times..think about the FUN!