October 21, 2008

wad up.... what's happen?

Confrontation is inevitable.

It is a fact of life: to tell the truth. We must be gentle with feelings especially with the ones that we love most.

All those things are true statements.But the question is ... why is it so hard to tell people what's up?

Going through this thing I would like to call a "transition" is the weirdest time in my life thus far.

Worse than getting my first zit, being dumped by my first boyfriend or loosing my best friend.

With this "transition" comes alot of "No's" and things that I particularly don't want to hear; But its the truth.

Being straight with people gets rid of things like uncertainty or being under false pretenses in a situation. Currently, I am in that boat with my job, living situation, and friends.

Maybe I will carry around a dry erase board so that instead of having to say what needs to be said to my face they can write it down. ( I don't know what else to do)

Patience plays into this scenario as well. And as much as I would like to be aggressive about certain things I will let Him deal with it.

I shall leave you with this quote from my Day- to -Day calender that I get to flip on my desk each day I come in to work (the highlight of my day I tell you)

When the going gets tough, The tough get going. The not so tough scream for help.

Hear my prayer, O lord; let my cry for help come to you. (PS 102:1)


Anonymous said...

I hear what your saying when you want to carry around a dry erase board. I too, sometimes want one. But it's because it's easier for me to write my feelings than to say them. It seems less painful that way. I like your bible verse. It's comforting. I hope you have a great day.

StarzGazR said...

I love that the highlight of your day is the quotes from your day to day calenders!! Those use to be mine to.. now it's writing in this blog =)
BTW... when the going gets tough... i know you'll be able to get going to!
Keep your head in the game, trust me. All you need to do is find your inner strength =)