October 24, 2008

If only I can turn back time....

With my birthday party only one day away, I am reminded of how much freaking fun I have had thus far in life.

In the same thought I am also reminded of how sad I am that some of those friends I have had the time of my life with are gone.

Now lets get things straight, some of those "friends" were toxic and just bad to begin with.

But there are the selected few that I miss dearly. That just because they did one thing I didn't like, I just told them to take a hike and that was the end of it.

Saying your sorry is a difficult thing to do. It is admission that you were wrong and your actions were not appropriate.

So let it be known that I AM SO SORRY!!!! My true friends have understanding hearts and will forgive my actions.

And the fake ones will simply just take that with a grain of salt and go on about their business.

Now that all that is out of the way... ITS PARTY TIME!

Stay tuned... There will be crazy party stories to be told.


StarzGazR said...

Can't wait to hear about your bday extravengenza.. and don't take offense on my facebook comment... the only thing she needs to grow up on is the whole stalking issue... there is no reason no one (young of old) should be up and down every detail of your page just to get info on what she wants.. thats just said.. but girl.. i'll be on facebook till i have daughters old enough to be on it hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a blast on your birthday! Sorry we didn't run into each other. I ended up going out of town. Didn't see to many crazy stories on your page...maybe you'll post later! Have a great day!