September 22, 2008

Stick a needle in my eye

You know your having a really crappy day when a complete stranger looks at you and says: "What's wrong?"... In a symphatic tone of voice. Did I really look that bad? Guess so.

My mother and I had a bad fight yesterday.... I won't go into the logistics of it but it was pretty much: "you are so selfish fights" as usual. Money being the root of the argument. 

Why is it that money makes people into Satan's siblings? I don't really understand. I think I have a fear of debt so I try to steer clear of spending frivolously and usually just save as much as I can. 

Work was dismal. I got in trouble for having Ed Hardy on my signature. I mean come on, that is the one thing that breaks the monotony from work emails, the signature. Some people choose to go seasonal, while other want to go color oriented. Me, I just wanted to endorse one of my favorite brands. Guess next time I will need a copy write. 

Sheesh, This Monday has not been good and to top it all of I am developing what is called a stye in my right eye. It feels like I have a permanent eyelash in my eye. Guess I am on my way to a hot compress for the rest of the night. Not to mention a new One Tree Hill episode that is coming on in approx 24 minutes. 

I was going to use the 2 day rule with Mr. Echo and call him today, but seeing all my drama that has gone on, I think I will see how I feel tomorrow. 

So please someone ... make use of this title! 


thekinghenry said...

seriously? in trouble just for having the words "ed hardy" on your signature. that's stupid. i can't believe they're that dang picky. i mean, i can understand if i was "endorsing" a brand or what have you since i'm employed by a county official, but i can't believe the heart hospital would care. that's crazy!

Trina said...

I just saw your link from the blog on Cosmo's website, and I read this. I just love it! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how a brand can be any more offensive than a picture of a family pet or loved one, but whatev.

Illona said...

Haha im only on your 2nd post and I like it already :)