September 23, 2008

It never fails....

So today I woke up pretty much mad about a few different things ( the reasons will be disclosed at a later date) I got up, got dressed and started my 24 minute commute to my office. 

Depending on my mood the playlist that I listen to on the ipod varies... today it was "Calm and collected" which consisted of The Fray, Charlie Hall and Adele. All songs in which depending on how depressed you are can make you on the verge of tears. 

I get to my office and get all settled in, determined to have a terrible day and just stay in my cubicle and not talk to any other of the 5 people that occupy what is as big as a small bed room. 

But the thing is... that is SO not what happen. We laughed and laughed .. cut up til we cried and then laugh some more. 

About everything, it was great. We have decided what we want to be for Halloween as a team. 
(apparently it is a huge deal to dress up in our office)  I will give you a hint. It involves 5 girls that just happen to be British. lol 

All in all today is good. I still haven't called Mr. Echo... and I am beginning to even wonder if I want to? Would it be wrong to just want to leave it where it is. Acquaintances that might see each other again on the street? or a bar for that matter?

Don't get me wrong... work still sucks, the ladies in my office just make it tolerable :) 


Anonymous said...

Co-workers of that kind are called friends. Aren't you blessed?!