September 22, 2008

MY life on the O list

**This post is actually from yesterday   

So I must say that crazy epiphany I had last weekend has been showing itself all week. Not only am I done with people being 1/2 friends, I have just stopped putting up with BS all together. 

No phone calls or returned texts... There has got to be a rule about this stuff. I have just turned over a new leaf and refuse to try as hard to be friends with people as  I have been. Period 

In other news, I have started my goals for life sheet and much to my dismay it is harder than I thought it would be. I have separated it into sections... 2008/09, before I turn 30 and then before I die. Hopefully I can keep working on it and complete it soon. 

So the reason this this entry is called "My life on the O list" is because I went to bricktown to meet friends last night, but before that I went to dinner that was pretty much a disaster. ( Don't even want to get into it.) My friends ended up ditching out early and I ended up up seeing a bunch of people from college and falling and hitting my head on the floor as I was hitting on this really hot boy... cool huh? 

The night didnt end badly though. I met this man whom I will call Echo ( cause its to hard to spell it all out). He walked me to my car and was a gentleman I even offered to drive him to his car that was a mile and 1/2 away, but he opted to walk, which I thought was very different. He gave me his number and told me to call him. He is really busy though. 

No one is too busy for a call every now and again? 


thekinghenry said...

dang, girl. are you a bit of a pessimist? i definitely wouldn't have called dinner a "disaster". that's almost hurtful :( was it that bad for you? i thought everyone had a pretty good time???

i still can't believe you feel at rokbar! that's crazy, but i'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too much from the fall :)

Anonymous said...

well King Henry... you know i am DRAMA-tic... lol I had an ok time.

Illona said...

Is it weird not having your blog annonomyous? Like do you not care that people you konw can read it like they are reading your journal?