September 24, 2008

EFL ( English as a First Language)

So.... I got a new car last month.... (yea its pretty snazzy!!) and my first payment was due the 16th of this month... not to mention the tag, title an tax that about gave me a stroke in the first place. 

So I call my finance company and all the people I talked to all day were freaking from another country. I understand we are in the United States: "the land of opportunity."  But it is a duty as an "American" to understand English concepts. 

If the woman yesterday would have told me to just make a one time payment with her and not set up auto withdraw again we would not be in the boat. However, now I could quite possibly be looking at a 5% late charge on ( my very first payment mind you) when the money has been in my bank account since day one. 

Being upset all day, I didn't eat lunch and started to feel like I was going to hurl. I emailed my friend who will call MG from now on and told her the deal. 

Long story short we went to the mall for some therapeutic shopping, and dinner and ended up with some good stuff! 

On my way home my car started flashing this yellow light and said check tire pressure?  

Sure enough as if this day could not get any worse I have ran over a screw and now have a hole in my month old tire!!

I called  Mr. Echo last night and of course his phone was off so I left a message. 

I don't even know if I am up to have a conversation after the day I have had. 


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! Can we say pity party? No, for real, life is tough...and yet here we are today facing all life's new challenges. At least we have cars and mechanics and money to deal!

thekinghenry said...

yuck! sorry you had such a crappy day with the car. BUT, i'm glad you had fun with "MG" ha ha ;)