August 3, 2011

Elite 8 in Oklahoma City

The best of the best. #1. Head honcho. Pioneers.

All these words describe leaders either in business or individuals. There is always someone who is the BEST.

Our company has been a leader in the industry due to the nature, innovation and culture of our business. Though there are other firms out there that do what we do, we are 2nd to NONE.

May we present you, a group that will serve as a think tank for innovative thinkers all over the state called "The Elite 8".

Social Media Mack will facilitate a lunch meeting quarterly inviting the "best of the best" in their respected industry to come together and share things that both work and didn't work for them in their success. Each group of professionals will be different every quarter.

This elite group coming together will foster unity in the business community and will be a great start to building a bond.

e·lite/iˈlēt/NounA group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.

Keep up with your email... invites coming soon!