September 20, 2011

To Tell or not to Tell.... (Confessions of a CEO)

This blog is not used for personal use very often. Business is the subject and info is the predicate. But I am going to branch out and ask for your "personal" opinion.

I have been dating a guy... We shall call him "Mr. St. Anthony's" and things seem like they may get serious.

I usually don't really connect with guys my age.. mostly because my career is more advanced than most of the boys I was going on dates with.

Mr. St. Anthony's is older, more established and has it together. We talk about work sometimes and potential clients that I am working on but we have never discussed who actually RUNS the show.

During conversation I will just say: "I'm going to work" or " I was at the office late today". It just never really comes up that I am the owner...

So... readers here is where you come in...

Is it a major deal that I didn't tell him I own the company? Do I even tell him?? What do you think his reaction will be?

I will leave this up for a while before I actually spill the beans to him. But give me some good feed back either on here or

I am dying to hear what you all have to say!


Teems said...

I somewhat like the mystery of it all. I think if it gets more serious and the topic of work comes up again then I would let him know. He should be more impressed than intimidated.