March 20, 2011

Minority Business Enterprise

Honors should not be taken lightly. It's very difficult sometimes to toot your own horn, but this is a special occasion.

Earlier this month, Social Media was selected and recognized as a minority owned business (MBE) with the state of Oklahoma through the OMSDC (Oklahoma Minority Suppliers Development Council). This council is a way for large corporations to meet and network with minority suppliers that fit the criteria of small to mid-size businesses.

They put things together like Golf Tournaments, Business Conference & Opportunity Fair and their big event of the year: Annual Awards Dinner. At this dinner they award companies in four levels for "Outstanding Minority Business of the Year".

The levels about blew me away:
Level 1. under $1 million dollars
Level 2. $1-$10 million dollars
Level 3. $10-50 million dollar
Level 4. $50 million +

These types of numbers NEVER ran across my mind as final revenue for a business year. The recipients of theses awards all started out as small businesses in Oklahoma, registered with the OMSDC, and now have almost as much money as Kevin Durant. (income source not verified)

The Spring Meeting held last week was great! SMM did a 5 min presentation and had the whole audience interested in what we had to say.

Some of the other businesses that presented were: Holloway Wire Rope, McTech Corp and New Frontier Medical Equipment.

Bottom line is.... success was waiting for me. I just had to get the paperwork done.