February 24, 2011

Answer to NO one!

Being self employed has it ups and downs. Some people choose to work for others because of the big responsibility that comes with being a one man show. Others love the idea of being your own boss and doing what you want.

Either way you look at it you lose in one category or the other. Self- employment is an on going battle to educate the consumer about your product and ultimately "sell yourself."

This is done by advertising, networking, one on one meetings and referrals.

Lately, I have been battling with the people in my life that have superiors and are not their own boss. It was then that realized how great it is to have overcome that "start-up" phase in business. But after business infancy, what comes next? Social Media Mack is not big enough to be a conglomerate, but we have a little bit of seed money to go to the next level...

The questions is what is the next level?

Since the inception of my business it has been a juggling act. I have now learned how to keep most of my balls in the air, but we are in what you would call a "Growing Pain" (ouch)

Complaining?? No, confused... absolutely!

Working on some things that could take SMM to the next level. Guess we will have to see what life comes up with.