February 14, 2011

Follow the Road... See where it leads you

There comes a time in a person's life where things just get good. Not good in one aspect like: great job, or amazing relationship.. but overall contentment.

Post college life is confusing, exhausting and downright hard. The time it takes to come out of the that quarter-life crisis can been anywhere from 1-5 years. Recently, I began feeling like that time is over and boy was it a relief.

So my adult life starts here in 2011. Even this blog has evolved and you can see the changes that have occurred, how life has changed... CRAZY!

My friends are so great! I have an amazing relationship with my family and a man that makes my world a lil better everyday.

I know this post is not very ambiguous like my others have been recently, but that was inevitable. I decided to let you all into my life just a lil bit.

So bring it on 2011! I am ready to do this thing they call life!