January 12, 2011

You never know whos life you are going change?

I have a situation I want my fans/followers to know about. It is really something I can't believe I am a part of. Life changing for a few ladies that need just what I have to offer them.

I trust you all to keep this to yourself. Take it to heart. And know that I am NOT writing this to downgrade anyone or any person's situation. It's just amazing.

As many of you know Social Media Mack has a contact with a non-profit that partners with the City of Oklahoma City. This project requires interaction with the general public and over all Economic Development in a particular area.

Due to budget cuts, This non-profit has no funds to hire any staff members and counts on consultants, like Social Media Mack to provide EVERYTHING.

Before I contracted with this non-profit, they had enrolled to be part of a WEP program that is mandated by DHS for Mothers that receive TANF (Temp Assistance for Needy Families) and Food Stamps.

So, not having any other options for staff, I said "OK" I guess we will try it.

Most of the women have emotional problems, tons of kids and boyfriend/baby daddies that hurt them. They are stuck in a rut and can't figure out how to get out of the situation.

Assistant A came to work in December 2010. She is sharp as a tack. Knows how to work the computer almost better than I do. Has design experience, website update experience and is more proactive than the acne prevention. She also has 5 kids with 1 man that only works part time. Their family has 1 car and lives on section 8 housing. She's 25 and has a whole life ahead of her.

Assistant B started shortly after. She has a degree from the University of Phoenix in Science. Quiet but very efficient, Assistant B has taken the role of bookkeeper and is great with customer relations. She also lives in a house that has no gas or electricity. She has no car and takes the city bus to work.

I share all this with you because we were informed this week that our funding is running out very fast and the organization might not make to 2012.

Both employees sat in disbelieve. This is when I knew my work as their "Boss" was actually "Mentor".

Assistant A: "How could this happen? What are we going to do?"
Assistant B: " The only reason I come to work everyday is because of you. If you aren't the boss anymore I will quit coming".

At that point it was clear that this is a life changing expierence for them. They wake up everyday to come to work with me because they believe in what I do.

I never knew me being me would inspire someone so much. It is an honor to be a part of someone's change.

They don't know it but they inspire me too!