January 13, 2010

Social Media Quality vs Quantity

Social media: Quality vs Quantity has come up quite often in the past couple of week. I recently had my own run in with this controversial topic and felt inclined to set the record straight.

Visiting with a potentital client last week, he posed the question: "how realistic is it to have 100,000 fans on a business Facebook page in a 12 month period"?

My answer to him was.... Let me check on that. Not wanting to say something that I would later want to take back, I went home, did some research and this is what I came up with....

Quantity vs Qualitative objectives like those related with corporate reputation or conversations relevancy require a particular measurement approach.

If you are questioning which is more effective, begin asking closed questions to benchmark the brand:

Within our sector/product category, are we part of conversations?

Are we compared with our competitors?

To measure Social Media success, we may ask:

Were we able to build better relationships with our key audiences?

Are we participating in conversations where we previously weren’t?

Is our brand keeping still running monologue or is it moving to a meaningful dialogue with customers?

These questions begin to put every thing in place and it was clear that quality prevails.

In terms of social media you can focus on ROI, but that's result. Rapport, trust, leadership and relationships drives those results. - @shanegibson