January 9, 2010

Where Life Meets Style...

Travelers have a million choices on where to stay when they are out of town. The Will Rogers Airport area is filled with hotels, restaurants, and more hotels. Comfort is often a major decision maker when choosing somewhere for a temporary home.

The Cambria Suites has the “comfort” aspect down to an art. Located on 19th and Meridian, Cambria Suites is finally ready to open it’s doors to the public Monday, January 11th 2010.

One hundred thirty-two rooms on four floors don’t begin to describe Cambria Suites in its entirety. Add to that, a conference room, an 1800 square foot fitness center, pool, spa, ultra lounge and you will begin to understand what they mean when they say, “Where life meets style.”

Walking in, you will run into the “Reflect” area where the trained barista can prepare you a Wolfgang Puck latte`, or make you a cocktail with the house tequila which just happens to be Patron.

Some of the other attractions to catch your eye might be the “Ferrari Room”; where as you can guess, a car will be showcased.

Whether you are looking for a standard or conference suite, the Bath and Body Works products and AV hookup access for web use are the same in every room.

Cambria Suites: Oklahoma City is the 19th in the country and the first in Oklahoma. Ready to open its doors January 11th at 3pm, Cambria is running an unbeatable $79 special for the whole month of January.

If you are planning a bachelor party, girl’s night out, birthday, anniversary, or even a date night, you will want to stay at the Cambria Suites.

To book a room or schedule a conference, call Tara Baker at 405-639-2963 or visit for more information.

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Anonymous said...

It was very well written and I am so appreciative of your efforts!- T. Baker