January 19, 2010

Morning Madness

Every weekday no matter what you can turn on your radio and hear the craziness they call The J&HMS or Joey and Heather Morning Show.

Joey Combs, Heather Potter, and “Nugget” as they call him, start every morning at six am and keep you going thru your drive to work, morning at home, or even while you are in your office.

The banter between these three cannot be touched. They make people laugh out loud in inappropriate places and even stop traffic at times.

Joey, Heather and Nugget are not running your typical radio broadcast. They are have a consistent program which allows listeners to know what they can expect from the show and know what time the program is going to air a specific topic that pertains to their own life.

Interviews with Dr. Mindy and local business owners, The Hollywood Buzz, New Movies, The Red Carpet, The Bite of OKC and Thunder Game highlights are just a few things covered weekly by this dynamic trio.

Keep your eyes open for details on their 6th annual FVD party coming up in February. If you don’t know what FVD means, well you are probably in love or have a significant other.

The show started with Heather and Nugget a while back and has evolved into the #1 radio show in the state of Oklahoma.

You can catch up with these three by tuning in to 104.9 HD on your radio or visit their site at


shannon said...

Loved it!!! you are doing an awesome job!! Glad you are in my corner!!! Great Work, Tess!!!! Do ya thang!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome write up.


Anonymous said...

Hook me up, girl! - JMM