January 29, 2010

Business Owner Survival Kit

Coming up on my six month anniversary of being a business owner has given me the inclination to inform you, the general public, on how I have survived thus far.

Here are some must- haves when having your own business:

Business Cards: From Vista Print to the local printers, everyone needs to have a tangible note with your contact info. Make it catchy and different with colors, readable fonts, and even social network info.

Notepad: Circumstances may arise where you forget your cards or someone has some additional info to give you. Having a pen and paper handy to get potential client "extras" is a must.

GPS: Oklahoma is fairly easy to navigate if you are traveling on one of the five highways that runs thru Oklahoma City. It is easiest to get an address, plug it in and have exact results appear.

Itunes: M.I.M.S. Music Is My Savior. Bad day or good, a little bit of music is necessary for the working soul.

Snacks: Plenty of times meetings overlap each other. Stopping at McDonalds is not always possible nor healthy. Non- Perishable food items such as: nuts, crackers, chips, and a bottle of water are a big help when that blood sugar is low.

Not everyone makes it out there, Running the show is a big job!!!