December 8, 2009

Small Business Christmas List

Every business out there (large or small) has a wish list. Hopefully you have been good this year. If Santa don’t bring ya coal, ask him for some of these gadgets.

Frequent Flier Miles....

It all started in 1981, when American Airlines introduced a program called AAdvantage. Their purpose was simple: to reward customers for using the airline and promote future customer loyalty. American started the program by using their customer database. They tracked the members’ number of flown miles and put together a reward system of “a mile earned for a mile traveled.” As a business owner, they are bound to travel somewhere.

Samsung DualView Digital Camera…

A triple base hit as far as higher-end slim digicams go, with many photographic charms. The widescreen LCD with touch interface is well executed and polished, the photo quality is everything one would expect from the premium class, and the front LCD, while gimmicky at first, is actually really useful. Samsung almost hits one out of the park for fashion conscious snapshooters and serious shutterbugs looking for style and portability. Everyone knows you hate that you can’t see the shot you take when you and your friend want to take a pic “by yourselves”, Now you can!

Blackberry Storm...

Research in Motion has always sought to showcase the BlackBerry as the choice for entrepreneurs and executives, and the Storm is no exception. The device offers extensive contact and scheduling applications, Wi-Fi access and the ability to add 16GB of storage with an SD card.


The iMac has gone through four different upgrades to the version available today. While the original model saw a bubble-shaped design, the computer’s components are now hidden inside an LCD monitor, reducing the amount of desktop space needed for storage. Perfect for small business owners or CEO’s.

Depending on your budget, go out and get one or all of these gadgets today!