December 15, 2009

What't that smell?

The way your house smells can determine what someone thinks about your house. The holidays are notorious for visitors coming in and out, so why not make the way your house smells fit your personality.

According to the National Candle Association, The exceptional decorating and fragrancing possibilities of candles continue to underscore their popularity with consumers, and define the key trends for fall and winter.

As soon as the air turns crisp and leaves begin to turn, America’s love of candles comes to the forefront. This year the tough economic times have made candles especially attractive to consumers, whether as an affordable self-indulgence or an appealing gift item.

Overall, America’s love of fragrance shows no sign of slowing, and candles fit the bill for both “scenterior” decorating as well as aromatherapy-like relaxation. Nuanced colors and fragrances wrapped up in stylish designs mark a significant portion of the decorative candle market for fall and winter.

This year, Subtle notes of verbena, ginger, pomegranate, and jasmine are adding a special sophistication to florals, citrus blends and vanillas, while hints of exotic spice like pepper and cardamom are adding both depth and elegance to gourmet scents.

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