November 28, 2009

Land the Job you deserve: Dress 4 Success

The economy as a whole is coming out of a hole.

Americans ages 18 to 65 fill unemployment offices daily, looking for resume advice, stipends to help them financially and maybe new leads that will land them a job.

Being a jobseeker myself, frustration easily becomes a daily mood in my world of countless no’s from employers.

There are several problems that could possibly be reasons why employers are less than excited about the potential employee.

To start, the average jobseeker has had the same resume for years and simply changes the objective to fit to what they think the employer for the current position they are applying for wants to hear.

Next, the interview outfit: A worn-out suit or dress that has been deemed “lucky” but its’ current track record is not so much.

Finally, the confidence level is dismal and uncertainty plagues the job seeker, leaving for a not-so-successful interview.

Going back to the drawing board and rethinking a few things was a tough process, but the decision to change things goes as follows:

First, utilize your resources. A nice visit to my friends at Tricholgy Salon in Edmond was definitely a priority. A trim or drastic cut can change the jobseekers outlook on the employment process as a whole. Looking good equals feeling good.

Then, change up the outfit a bit. Target had a dress that was perfect for an interview. Many department stores have clearance racks that have some nice ensembles, just takes a little bit of looking.

Lastly, makeup and jewelry always make women feel important. Robin Johnson with Jewels by Park Lane assisted in that department. Gold and Silver are timeless colors that will go with any outfit.

Top it off with Brent Fuchs Photography taking a few shots for a portfolio or on- line profile and the total package is complete!

Job seeking is necessary for some and is what you make it.

Consider taking the extra step and not only revamp your resume, revamp your look too!