July 14, 2009

Hitch Hiker...

WHYYYYY ???????!!!!!!

This summer is almost over and going home is going to be amazing. Old friends and late nights are in my near future.

There is a slight problem. My friend that was going to drive back to CA with just bailed on me as we speak. I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE OUT HERE ALONE! !

Suddenly my whole world was crashing down on me, and there was one things that started to set in : Panic.

Driving for days by myself does not sound appealing to me AT ALL!!! A road trip with 2 people even sounded pretty painful.

Please God send me an angel. I need one!


Catherine said...

Praying for you girl! I can't believe we will be gone the WHOLE time you will be home!!! Wish I could drive it with you! We'd have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear girlfriend! I will be praying for that angel!

Mack Momma said...

Thank you for the prayers!!