June 20, 2009


It is bad when you cant talk coherently because you have been working for 12+ hrs.

Holding multiple jobs is very common in my life, however this is just ONE job.

It is wearing me out to the fullest, but I know that is all for good. I know that my special spot in heaven is being saved because of these good deeds that I am doing right now.

My eyes are bloodshot but I must go on. Displine is defiantly in order and is a must for the kind of work I am doing.

The kids are pretty ornery. DON'T listen to a word I say when I tell them things and talk back to me like I did to my mom when I was there age.

I guess I didn't fully read the job description when I said yes... I just knew I wanted to move.

When you gripe about your job, just remember you can go home at the end of the day... I LIVE AT WORK.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for moving out there! It takes a lot of guts to move so far away. So I take it that you've settled in somewhat and are enjoying all that Tahoe has to offer? :) Things are still a boring out here as ever. Pictures are great! I'm so jealous. You've have to keep me updated some more

D Lee