June 14, 2009


So here we are! the 13 most selfless people on the planet this summer. Ranging in ages 19-25.

Some are here to run away from problems and other are here trying to figure out what they are going to do with their lives. Pretty diverse, but all here for one reason. HIM 

here is the gist of some of the personalities as told by me: 

Sarah Mac (back row blue): laughs more than any person that I know. Always happy and has a hard time being serious. 

Amanda (back row pink) "family guy" kinda funny and really shy. talks all in once tone. cracks everyone up. 

Layna (front row purple): never has a negative thing to say. She could even make death seem like a happy time...

Gretchen (front row blue): is the sweetest ghetto white girl I know. Guess its that Mississippi draw. 

So far I have not killed anyone, but my irritation level is beginning to rise. Things went good this week and time flew by. 

Going to San Fran in 2 weeks so things should get interesting. 

These are the people I see 24/7. so take notes.... 


Taylor said...

Just remember...just breathe if you get irritated. I don't want to find you on the 5 o'clock news for choking out someone or jacking a van...*wink wink* LOL

Cute pic though. And I know something about cute, so it's true! Love you and miss you dears!

Hasta la bye bye for now!