June 21, 2009

prayer time??


My brother's birthday is in a few weeks and I must say I am sad I wont be there for his 21st. 

I would like to say that I live for Sundays here in Lake Tahoe. Yes I have to wake up early and set up the sanctuary. And yes, I have to shake hands with lots of people. But the great thing is, I get to meet all the people that live in Lake Tahoe. 

Today we had a visiting pastor from San Fransisco preach. His family came with him and it was so nice to have them. 

We laughed and ate BBQ talked about what its like to live on the West coast. It's good to meet new people. 

A local girl that I met about 3 weeks ago said that she has been "praying" for me to stay in Tahoe and live with her?? 

I honestly have no idea what God wants.

Went to Reno last night and had a great time!! all you can eat Sushi