June 11, 2009

its never too late...

Great time to be had in Lake Tahoe. 

Learning about ones self is really interesting and liberating. To be able to take a look at what you are presenting to the world as "you" is a real shocker. 

This week we went to Aaron and Kelly's house, Tahoe locals, for dinner. The house was so warm and inviting; no curtains on the windows, a gas stove, and a living room with pictures that tell a story. 

They are expecting a little bundle of joy in the next month and are super excited. 

She is 39 and he is 37. They have been married a year and this is their first marriage and baby. 

Why am I tell you this story?? because it was God revealing to me that everyone has a different script written for their life. 

It seems every couple in the area did things on their own terms... despite what people say or do to try to influence them. 

Interesting, yet exciting that The Lord possibly has a plan for me.

P.S. we totally saw a bear while we were at there house!!! 


Mack Momma said...

I hate to say it but that wedding pic is not real... : D google does a great job

Anonymous said...

Good hearing from you! The cool thing is Tess, even when you were in the womb God had a plan for you! Since you are seeking HIM so sincerely, HE may be revealing it to you. If HE reveals HIS plan before we are ready we may reject HIM and miss out on the best thing that could happen in our lives!!! Stay focused, it'll come and it WILL be great!

No kidding about the bear? Was it up close and personal?

That is a fantastic wedding picture! I would love to get my hands on some of those for scrapbooking! Would you like to send me pictures to scrapbook for you on your journey?

Gotta work.