May 18, 2009

Bridezilla update

If you read this blog often you might recall instead of using actual names, characters will have an alias. 

Bridezilla has taken the cake/award for being the most dramatic and helpless person I have ever met. 

Despite her divorce in a marriage that lasted four months, she got involved with the ex husband's friend. Things were going good, and before you know it, she was engaged again. 

All was well until the law caught up with boyfriend and his new home was behind bars. 

With wedding bells still in her head, Bridezilla continued to keep her dream for marriage # 2 alive... but you can image only getting collect calls from someone you might not see for sometime can get old. 

She moved on, and found boyfriend #3, got close, and who would guess this boyfriend would get put behind bars last week. 

Throw in the mix her being unemployed and having a 4-year-old to support. 

Who lets their life go down hill so fast?? There is a feeling in my head that no matter what is said... NO WORDS CAN HELP HER UNLESS SHE HELPS HERSELF. 

Someone get Jerry Springer ... I have a show idea.