April 22, 2009

She got game.

Will all the big girls in the house please stand up….


Music sometimes pin points different genres of people: sexuality, gender, or financial status. (If you go a 100 dolla bill put ya hands up)


Even when Sir Mix a lot made “Baby Got Back” the measurements for the girl he describes is 36-24-36. Now, unless you are a freak or mostly ill portioned, those measurements are not that of a real person.


These days especially, people are big. Whether it be lack of exercise, thyroid issues or you were born that way; Plus sizes are going to rule the world … and soon.


Last night I went to hang out with some friends that came into town for the night.


Me being tired, I just decided to be low key with my outfit. (Converse, not heels and my glasses) but overall I was looking pretty cute.


The booth we were sitting in was directly across from some guys that were pretty cute. However, there was one that caught my eye. His name will be blackberry for blogging purposes.


While people watching, he asked me if I thought a girl on the stage was pretty?... She was a skinny black girl and could dance circles around Britney Spears.


I shrugged and said: “Eh, She’s OK”. He then says “yea she’s ok, but I like your attitude.”


Smiling, I told him “ya know, it’s not going to matter how the girl you marry looks to others, she is going to be beautiful to you and that’s all that matters.” (Why we were talking about marriage 30 minutes into knowing each other is beyond me.)


To get to the point, he walked me to my car and gave me hugs. I gave him my email address and he immediately emailed me. We should be meeting for dinner tonight.


Just goes to show ya, no matter what shape, size or color… if you got it, you got it.