March 25, 2009

Rest and Relaxation....

Vacation was a freaking blast!


There is something to be said about taking a few days and hanging out where it is 85 degrees day and night!


The culture/people of the ATX are definitely a different breed. Consequently, it is a tourist town, so no one is really from the town itself. Craziness and havoc were the main moods for the weekend.


SXSW (which I found out later on is the biggest concert in the U.S.) was there and never in my life have I seen more people! Weirdo’s, dogs and Captain Morgan?? A very nice combination.


All in all, I was sad to come home and the seven hour drive back nearly killed me! Needless to say, I will be flying next time.

Exciting News:  I got to meet with one of the girls from California yesterday and she gave me the skinny on what all goes down when you get there. She also told me that there could quite possibly be an open position for permanent staff come August.


Something to think about most def.


My new “old lady” friend whom we shall call J.J. met up with me a few weeks ago for lunch. She is very nice and seems a little uptight; I am not going to count her out though.


She is empowering and has only good things to say.


Mother and I have been “hanging” out, which even saying that makes it weird. 


Maybe our come to Jesus meeting worked? Hail Mary!


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Glad that Vacation was good.