March 18, 2009

My Humps...

Ladies and Gentleman, it is my pleasure to give to you…


Hump day.


That day that reminds you that the week is ALMOST over and the weekend is peering around the corner.


This weekend should be great and interesting as I embark on a journey that shall take me off the stifling streets of Oklahoma. Although, I have really done nothing but pack a suitcase full of crap that I don’t need, it should be a great time.


Last night St. Patty’s day was fun. Went to Louie’s on the lake and just watched the sun set. A friend and I went a little late and everyone was already intoxicated, which was quite funny. I knew this weekend would be full of fun stuff so I just had a light beer and called it a night.


This is the first year ever that I did not “officially” have a spring break. Good thing my little friend call (Paid Time Off) pitched in so I would still get some dough while I am gone.


So… there you have it! I am off to have a good time. Will report back soon.


Eden said...

Lol, your St. Patrick's Day sounds like it was fun ;)

I wanna hear about your trip!!! :D Where'd you go? What'd you do? Meet any cool people? :)