March 16, 2009

Moral Values

Rap music is probably the most listen to genre of music to date.


I am guilty of listening to it; bobbing my head to the beat, rolling the windows down in the summer time and turning it up full blast.


The only problem is the content of the songs makes me cringe sometimes.


With every word in the English language used in the lyrical content of their “freedom of speech”, it makes me wonder what moral/values these people have?


Would they let their kids listen to what they have said with no remorse or hold’s bard???


Talk of women in an inappropriate manner, doing and selling drugs, hoes, pimps… the list goes on and on.


Often times I will download the instrumental part of a rap songs because I like the beat.


Using Christian rap as an alternative is an option, but the beats are never as good.


Some of my favorite quotes come from the mouths of the filthiest talking lyricist on the planet.


I shall leave you with this one:


“You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class…” – Jay-Z


Sweet.Anger.Angel said...

i MYSELF very often have the same brush with MORALITY.
i feel like i LOVE lil wayne (at times) & whatnot, but him sayin he would he would SHOOT A GRANDMOTHER UP, KIDNAP A BABY N blah blah...not COOL. but yeah i continue to belt out the words as if im KING GANGSTA...
i definitely feel you.
n i'm sure that a lot of those LYRICISTS feel the same bc i KNOW they would not allow their children to listen to it & i even wonder how their MAMAs feel about what they're sayin...idk

Eden said...

Wow...yeah, I'd definitely say it's hard to know where to draw the line. Because you can only listen to something for so long before it starts to infiltrate your mind and change your thinking.

That's a toughie! I'll have to think about that one... Good post!

(Btw, sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting till now...I haven't blogged or commented on anyone's blogs in a while...I don't know, something to do with writer's block, kinda. But I really like this post :) Good job!)