March 3, 2009

Making peace with your past...

85 days left here….


Nervousness and impenitentness is starting to over come my body and mind.


This is the right decision of course, but it is still nerve racking to uproot and replant yourself.


Things are starting to change in my life. I am beginning to grow tired of my families disregard for me and have just accepted that this is the way it will be for now. I am not hurt nor upset anymore.


It is real…. And these are the cards I was dealt so I shall play them.


I have yet to hear back from the mentor program from my church, but seem to be doing fine for this very second.


Something has come up. The (old) love of my life is feeling the need to start talking to me again?


The man who told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, walked out on me and was a big reason I sought professional help???


Well good for me, (not so good for him) I am so over it, there is nothing to talk about….


Do you have an ex boyfriend, person that you DON’T want to talk to??


How do you deal with it without being rude??


Man, I dodged a bullet by NOT getting married….