February 26, 2009

Fiscal Responsibility

Money makes the world go round?


Would it be possible to have a world that didn’t need currency? How about just the U.S.?


As an economy we are terrible with funds and feeling the “need” to have things that we really don’t.


Selfish American’s as the Brit’s would call us … and it totally serves us right.


Reading a colleague’s blog about American Express Credit Card giving their costumers $300 to give the card back baffles me.


I have what they would call buyer’s remorse 99% of the time I purchase things that I really don’t need/haven’t saved up for.


Impulse buying has never been an issue for me, and I have only had ONE credit card that was for emergency purposes.


I infer the reason I am so conscience of my finances is my parents are VERY irresponsible.


My car got repossessed when I was 16 because they were late on payments and I was forced to quit dance… Something I LOVED because they didn’t pay my tuition.


Money inadvertently messed things up for me and there was nothing I could do about it.


Since those things have happen I made a vow to myself that I would never go beyond my means and always work for what I want.


In the recently book I read: Tuesday’s with Morrie, the author poses a very valid question: “When people have the “guess what I got” attitude; it is interpreted as people being so hungry for love that they are accepting substitutes.”


I find this to be somewhat true with the people that I come across…. What do you think??


My lovin’ never goes on sale…