February 13, 2009

Week in Review...


So I must tell you what a crazy/interesting week it has been.


First and foremost, I got, I guess you would call it a “promotion” at work. I call it finally being equal with everyone else.


My boss was great and we really got to talk about some issues I have been having.


I had befriended a boy/wanna- be man last week and really tired to help him see the brighter side of life. When I figured out he was just putting me in a bad mood and making me pissed off everyday, I decided I needed a break and didn’t answer the phone for ONE day.


He called 5 times and left me a message this morning calling me an “F****** hypercritic” and said to “have a nice life”…. WOAH NELLIE… some people.


Got a root canal yesterday and it was no bueno. Four hours and $600 later, I suppose it was worth it??


I recently saw the film He’s just not that into you and it really shed some light on dating as we know it. Mostly things we already knew but just needed to be brought to our attention.


With that said, met a really nice man that I will call Mr. Brooklyn because he is from NY. Great sense of style and complete gentleman.


We exchange numbers and went our separate ways. Until he called me like 20 mins after we had left the pub. (cute) and talked to me to 3am!


Texted me this morning and asked me what was up with tonight? Told him I had to work the 2nd job til late but would meet up with him if he was already out or come to his place?


** Was that too forward?? Did I blow it… He has not texted back and it has been 1 hr and ½ . LOL


Is he just not that into me??


Stephie J said...

He asked you;). Imagine if you had said nothing.. you know you'd have plans! He'll get back to you:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think it was too forward. I wouldn't have offered to come to his house. Make him come to meet you, always.