February 9, 2009


So the weekend was uneventful/busy, as always fun.


This morning I deleted 27 phone numbers out of my phone of people that I don’t “talk” to anymore.


If we have not hung out/ talked in the past month, you got deleted. Sorry about that.

Just over it. I don’t plan to answer any calls/texts from numbers that are not saved into my phone.


Got to have a great convo with a friend from church. Who gave me some incite on these so-called “ tests” I have been going through.


Her reasoning was… sometimes when things don’t work out with relationships (romantic or non) it could be because the other person needed to learn from you and you were the one to help learn them. (I’m a learn ya!… from a movie don’t know which one)


The very thought of that is super powerful and makes me have an appreciation for some of the disasters that have happen in my life thus far.


We also talked about Rev. 3:5 in Sunday school…. And let me tell you it is some intricate stuff if you have not studied it.


It states that if you are saved and a Christian, your name is written on some kinda scroll in heaven, and that it was already there before you were born or the world was created.  


*your kids names are even on that darn thing….


Totally something that is very hard for me to wrap my mind around, but makes me smile when I think about how blessed we REALLY are.


Sorry to get preachy. Won’t happen again.


107 days my friends … Til I arrive at my destination.


thekinghenry said...

did i get deleted? i know i haven't been so great lately :(