February 3, 2009

Oops... I did it again


What exactly does alcohol do to you?


From my experience, it gives you the ability to feel and say things you would NEVER say in real life?


Gives you a sense of “liquid courage” as they would call it.


Put me in a different city and you have a recipe for disaster.


Let one thing be known; being out of town was great. I got to see old friends and have “grown up” fun that I have been longing to have for quite some time now.


We went to the Full Moon Café, in which you can eat dinner, drink and be merry.


And so we did all the above. A lot of the 2nd choice. I thought I could hang with the big boys and started chugging like a crazy college freshman that was at his first keg party.


A few hours, and shots later I was feeling good in the neighborhood.


All of this sudden, I get this (stupid) urge to text Mr. College ** note that I can’t stand him now and we are on very bad terms.


And then I say this:


“I am really sad that things didn’t work out between us.”


That’s when all you know what broke loose. It was bad and ended bad … Needless to say I totally deleted his number out of my phone for GOOD.


Regrets are a bad thing to have. Have you ever had an experience like this one???


Ladies and Gentleman, I am a fool….


Anonymous said...

Sometiems I wish I had a little extra "liquid courage"! Lol. But after what I did one night while Bo and I were having a little agruement...I drank a little to much. more getting totally wasted, so I don't have to deal with it, nights!