February 3, 2009

Man Friend Update

Here is a diagram/outline of Man friend’s that have been mentioned in my blog thus far. 


You all need to know how things have been going so here is the rundown:


Mr. R – Number is deleted out of my phone and have not seen him in months.


LetterBoy- Got in a huge fight at Christmas because I wouldn’t give him $100. No longer speaking at all.


Mr. Jr. High- Threw a temper tantrum the other night because we switch hang out spots after he had arrived at our initial meeting spot. ** I may forgive him.


Mr. Elementary- Totally not talking to him at all after he went to “Jail” for a night. Have frequent dreams about him and having his baby??


Mr. Sushi- Not really talking as much, no initial texts from him or sweet “good night” calls any more.


Mr. College- Totally parted on horrible terms and told him to never call me, text me, facebook me again.


Mr. Champagne- My New Year’s Kiss. After new years, haven’t heard from him since.


Mr. Echo – never went on a date or talked to him after that 1st week of blogging.


 That’s all I got for now….. If I missed anyone they were not important and I don’t talk to them any more.


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Hmmm, Most of those dudes seem like Weenies.