February 9, 2009

Letter to Daddy...



I just want you to talk to me.


It upsets me to see you everyday of my life and you not say a word.


Being your daughter has been nothing but a joy, and hope that feeling is mutual. I am sorry I was not born a boy that played sports and you could take hunting.


I know you are not good with words, so I will settle for actions.


But the reality of it all is… you do nothing. Never Have. No hugs, kisses, daddy/daughter dates out, real conversations, laughs, cries, or phone conversations.


When you look at me (if you ever do) do you see me? Or are you looking straight pass me to the wall?


You have no idea who I have grown up to be. And for that I am sad.


I don’t know if or when you will decide to snap out of whatever trance you are in and start to acknowledge me.


But just know that I have always loved you and wanted to make you proud.


- T


Anonymous said...

Your letter to your dad makes me sad coz I'm not terribly close with mine. The only time he initiates conversation is when he has something to criticize but he lets all my siblings know how I fail to keep him udated on anything. Sad really.

Your friend has it down! I used to think that trials were to teach me something until a good friend (like yours) enlightened me. She told me it might be to teach me, to teach someone else, or to help me be more understanding and compassionate when someone else faces something similar. Friends rock, don't they?!

- G