February 24, 2009

Big Diaster 09'



Big Weekend was a disaster!


Spending your whole weekend with eight 6th grade girls is not exactly the highlight of ones life… I never thought I would be happier to go home and be in my bed!


I got to see my old dance teacher and hang out with my brother’s “girlfriend”, which I happened to dance with for many years.


It was weird to hear her talk about how sweet and nice my brother was to her, which is so contrary to how I get to see him. I received a guilt trip from him last week because I was asleep when he finally showed up at 9 p.m. to hang out and wanted to get wasted?? Nah I don’t roll that way…  On a Sunday.


Emotions have totally consumed me and the hurt is still present, but a lil less than it was before. I recently finished reading Tuesday’s with Morrie, the best book I have read in a long time.


Tales about love, life, friends and family. Made me smile and gave me meaning in living. It is an easy read and very empowering.


A much needed phone call was made last week to the women’s pastor of my church. I need a motherly figure to speak to on a regular basis, so I inquired about my options. She referred me to another lady that thinks she can hook me up with someone.


I am excited about it but exhausted thinking about how I will have to trust and catch this person up on 24 years of my life…