February 18, 2009

Different Strokes...

Last night was a bit of a change of pace.


I decided that television is totally depressing me in ever sense of the word. The weather was great (upper 70’s) so I decided to relax and do a few things that were long overdue.


* Sat on the porch and hung out with my sister’s dog Juicy (in honor of Juicy Couture)

* Took Juicy for a walk

* Washed my car

* Went to the library to get some books

* Cooked dinner


Going to the library felt like I was entering a new world/universe. Immediately when I walked in there was a play performance in the foyer, in honor of Black History Month.


Dozens of people in chairs, standing, sitting in the isles, just in awe of the performers.


People were everywhere in the library once I got inside. Checking out books, using the computers, and getting information. I felt smarter just by walking in the place.


Not to my surprise, while walking by the computers, I happen to glance at some of the screens of the users. Mostly all teens and young adults, surfing websites: Myspace and Facebook with their eyes glued to the screen and headphones on to hear the music.


Are the library computers not used to get information for school projects and reference resources anymore?


Disheartened, I went to the information desk and found one of the books I wanted, put 2 on hold, and signed up for some recreational classes to attend when I am off from my second job.


I can’t say my TV watching days are over; however I am reminded that there is a world of knowledge out there ready for me to grasp.


Anonymous said...

What was your promotion?! I am excited to hear about this one! Had a good chat with Shiela too. Wow, what a great week? Still going to the coast this Summer?
You continue to amaze me.