January 27, 2009

One of those days...

Winter time … Ew
Oklahoma has the craziest weather ever! Last week we had days in the 80's. Today is 17 degrees, snow on the ground.
Being in a funk is no good. I am in a funk with my friends and family, both of which are driving me crazy.
I tried to get the Iphone the other day and I have just had a lot of drama with it.
Trying to get geared up to head out Cali and feeling a lil over whelmed with all I have to do.
Going to Austin, TX for Spring break… pretty excited to get away and be with my girls. That will only be a 6 hour drive from where I live but still a get away.
Any one have any ideas on how to get of a weird feeling???
PS: If you READ this and we are really friends (not just once in a while friends) email me, text me something. We should get together before I am gone forever….


Retired But Tryin! said...

are you going to keep up the blog when you get to cali? that story in your latest post is sweet...reminiscing can be so much fun!