January 27, 2009

Flash Back # 14




The cold weather reminds me of this story circa 2006.


As an intern at The Journal Record Publishing Company, my first writing job in my mind was very prestigious. The responsibilities included but were not limited to:


Laying out all the material for the daily paper

Updating the website

Client relations

Writing stories occasionally


With the title also came the responsibility to making sure the publications came out not matter what. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, sun, tornado… it had to be done.


My boss, then 26 was fresh out of grad school, and out of the political circuit. Her flamboyance none the less was unattractive and uncalled for as she was neither rich nor beautiful.


Well winter 2006 we got snowed in and my boyfriend at the time, (My bosses fiancé’s best friend) took me to work in his Chevy Silverado. The girls worked and the boys were at my bosses playing video games.


When everything was done, they picked us up to go to a very fancy Italian restaurant. We had wine and laughed and stayed for a while.


When it was time to go, the snow had gotten worse and you can guess what happen next….?? We were stuck in the parking spot.


Imagine 4 twenty-something’s trying to push a truck out of the snow. It was bad. While by the rear of the car trying to push it forward, the tires roasted so hard that snow came up and hit me in the face.


I fell on my butt, and all we could do was laugh. After doing a 360 on the high way (which scared me to death) We made it to his house.


There, he drew me a warm bubble bath and made us some hot chocolate. *(cutest thing ever)


Who says almost dying isn’t fun?