January 30, 2009

Last weekend in January


I am off for a great weekend with a friend in another city! YAY


I am still in a funk I guess? Some of my friends are starting to irritate me and I am running out of gossip topics. My BFF J is really starting to baffle me. She is very well mannered and sweet compared to me that is jagged and jaded.


Over the past few days she has had her opinion about everything and is standing her ground (I love it!!) I think I might have a small part in making her that way.


As for Mr. Sushi he has been distant and unresponsive. A text here or there that really has no significance. I finally asked him today if something was wrong ? (The innocent: “are you mad at me”? text)


He said that he was not and everything was the same on his end… some how I don’t believe it. Whatever, I don’t care to try to keep it up on my end.


People are flaky and wishy- washy.


Why is it so hard to keep your word? Especially if you are of the male gender… is that a rule in the man book you get when you are born?


Ridiculous!!!! I am just going to start being a bitch to everyone … how’s that sound?


Last, but not least 2 things..


1.)   I got the iphone!! And I totally love it.. hard to navigate, but can figure out in time

2.)   I am reading a really great new book: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner.


Details: About a chubby girl writer that has a boyfriend for 3 years. She breaks up with him and he writes an article about “what its like to love a big woman”… in what would be the equivalent of Cosmo.     Good times!!


Have a great and safe weekend….


Look for post coming up soon about how much I hate love (in honor of Valentine’s Day)